Let's be with the W Play ecosystem.

Feel Blockchain and NFT through the W Play project.
You can play racing games and earn profits.

What is W Play Project

We present the following goals.

NFT Construction

NFT Construction

NFT rides such as cars, motorcycles, and additional items and goods within the game so that digital ownership and transactions can be granted.

P2E Model Implement

P2E Model Implement

Implement a Play to Earn (P2E) model that allows to enjoy games and generate profits at the same time, making it convenient and fun for anyone to use.

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W Play's mobile racing game is a P2E model, not a P2W

  • Reward System

    Users can acquire WPY tokens with rewards through gameplay and ecosystem contributions, and also, foster characters, combat, and collect items within the game.

  • NFT Ecosystem

    All economic activities within the mobile racing game, such as granting ownership of items to users or trading this ownership with other users, are all carried out through NFT.

Blockchain Platform

The W Play project is built on a platform based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain Platform Blockchain Platform Blockchain Platform Blockchain Platform

Because both sensitive data and transaction records are recorded and stored on the blockchain, they cannot be manipulated,
arbitrarily modified or changed by a 3rd party, leading to be implemented in a distributed transaction manner with reliability.

Token Information

Token overview and distribution information

The W Play token is a token using the ERC-20 token standard issued on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Therefore, it will be an easy, stable, and highly scalable token, and convenience of transactions will be supported by listing on various exchanges.

Token Information
Token Information
Token symbol WPY
Project name W Play
Token based ERC-20
Total issued amount 30,000,000,000 WPY
Decimals 18
  • Reward (60%)
  • Sale (16.7%)
  • Foundation (10%)
  • Partners & Alliance (10%)
  • Event & Marketing (3.3%)

W Play's Roadmap

Future Schedule & Roadmap

W Play's Roadmap W Play's Roadmap W Play's Roadmap W Play's Roadmap

W Play's Documents

Check out the latest White Paper.